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Meta-Tec & Finemechanics Europe: combined, 58 years experience in the craft of turning and milling!

During that period, permanent investments were made to expand our group in terms of expansion, innovation & automation to guarantee our customers faster delivery of higher quality CNC turned and milled products.
  • 2021

    Arnout Lannoye is joining the group.

    Expansion investment in a Mazak multi spindle lathe with automatic loading and the latest smooth G control & replacement investment from a Vturn-36 to a Vturn-45.

    Further automation. At group level, we now have 4 cobots, 2 robots & 8 machines with automatic loading up and running.

  • 2020

    ISO9001:2015 certified on a group level.

    Expansion investment in a DOOSAN DNM760L milling machine.

  • 2018

    Laurens Lannoye is joining the group.

    Expansion investments in:

    - a 3D CNC-controlled measuring bench (CMM)

    - a DOOSAN DNM6700 milling machine

    - a Vturn-45 lathe

  • 2017

    First robotization on a 5-axis milling machine.

    Expansion investment in a DOOSAN DNM6700 milling machine.

  • 2016

    Expansion investment in multi-task machine (turning-milling machine) Mazak Integrex i200ST with robot.
  • 2015

  • 2014

    Opening new production hall and offices
  • 2013

    Start construction at Laarne
  • 2011

    Expansion investment in multi-task machine (turning-milling machine) Mazak Integrex i300S
  • 2009

    Commissioning the first vertical lathe, extension range up to Ø 900 mm.
  • 2008

    Investment to turning to Ø 700 mm and 5-axis milling work.
  • 2008

    Investment in CAD/CAM system. Investment in horizontal lathe up to dia 700 mm and 5-axis milling.
  • 2007

    Expansion investment in longitudinal turning to Ø 32 mm.
  • 2007

    Take over of the company Fijnmechaniek Beernaert B.V.B.A. in Laarne (founded in 1995), with actvities and technologies complementary Meta-Tec.
  • 2005

    Investment in a CNC-lathe for full automatic finishing of shafts up to Ø65 mm
  • 2002

    First expansion : finishing of smaller diameters, ultrasonic cleaning, lasermarking
  • 2001

    Beginning of a ambitious program of replacement-investments
  • 1999

    Take over by the actual shareholders
  • 1995

    Doubling the size of the factory
  • 1989

    Start up of the company Meta-Tec N.V. & Building of the modern factory hall in Industriepark 58 - Beernem

ISO 9001

Since the origin, Meta-Tec focused on detailed manufacturing.
This kind of production is only possible due to a supported and maintained quality management system.

read more about our quality policy