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As subcontractor, it is our target to provide our clients with the ordered products at a reasonable price and applicable standards.

Respecting the given delivery times and a high-end after-sales service are most essential in our customer-oriented approach.

Meta-Tec follows and respects the ISO 9001:2015.

We express our deep belief in ongoing innovation. Structural solutions can be provided by employees as well as clients or suppliers. This mindset can lead towards quality improvements or even a higher efficiency which automatically results in cost reductions.

It is the management’s task to communicate the quality policy to all employees and suppliers, by using open and clear communication.

The board of directors will make sure that quality standards are controlled and evaluated.


ISO 9001

Since the origin, Meta-Tec focused on detailed manufacturing. This kind of production is only possible by supporting and maintining the quality management system.

In order to show this high-end quality, Meta-Tec obtained the ISO 9002 norm on 10/02/1994 (certificate EUROSYM 94-60-K) after an external audit.

In the year 2003 Meta-Tec switched to ISO 9001 - 2000 (certificate BVQI - 126756).

In August 2014 the external ISO 9001:2008 audit was performed by DNVN (see certificat).

In August 2018 the latest ISO transition was succesfully completed and the new ISO 9001 : 2015 certificate was awarded.