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Since the beginning we have focused on precision work.

It is our goal, as a subcontractor, to deliver products that match with the high expectations of our customers and comply with the general standards of the industry.


All of our turning machines are CNC driven and have the goal to produce goods with the best quality as possible. 
We have multiple possibilities to load our machines. This can be done manually, by barfeeder or even by several robotized solutions. We are able to produce goods in different kind of materials such as steel, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, brass or synthetic materials.
The raw material is clamped in a chuck or a collet and then spins with a speed from 500 till 5000 rounds/min. 

The chosen tool touches the spinning part and creates the so called  "machining process".

Our machines are fully equipped with for example powered tools, Y-axis and take-over spindles.
This gives us the possibility to drill, create thread mill, put keyway shafts, engrave or perform milling actions on these turning machines. 

By creating a healthy balance of all the above specifications, we succeed in finding the right machine for the right production piece while respecting precision and our done-in-one principle.

CNC-sliding head lathes

These machines are also called Swiss type cutting. We can make traditional short parts but are also able to make very long shafts in diameters up to 32mm.


The workpiece is mounted on the table and held by fixtures. The rotating tools are controlled by the CNC-axes. The machines can be vertical, horizontal or 5-axes.  On these machines it is possible to do complex boring and milling.


Thanks to the use of advanced CAD/CAM software (TopSolid) we can programm and manufacture very complex forms. The datatransfer between the server and the machines is done with DNC-software.

Surface grinding

To ensure a precise finish (tolerance and surface roughness), certain parts (up to X2000 / Y800mm) can be sharpened on a surface grinder.


For several big clients, Meta-Tec takes care of the assembly as well. Our highly skilled staff will make sure that your everything is assembled to a perfect (sub-) assembly.

Measuring equipment

We only use calibrated measuring equipment : micrometers, hight-meters, threaded calibers, 3D measuring machine, ...


The end customer increasingly demands for a one stop shop, a completely finished product. That is why in recent years we have consistently invested in various technologies that enable us to offer that little extra. We not only ensure the purchase of the most varied raw materials, but over the years we have built up a good cooperation with high-quality surface treatment suppliers (galvanizing, anodising, chromating, polishing, nickel plating, lacquering, etc.). We also have various possibilities to mark (laser marking machine, engraving machines, ...), to identify (traceability) and many more can be done upon request. 

ISO 9001

Since the origin, Meta-Tec focused on detailed manufacturing.
This kind of production is only possible due to a supported and maintained quality management system.

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